Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies


Allergy season is in full swing and as the pollen count goes up so does the discomfort that goes along with it. Not everyone gets allergies. If you do it usually means your immune system isn’t really working up to par. Allergies are not a *normal* part of life, meaning you do *not* have to suffer with them year after year. 

Eating real food including probiotic rich foods, bone broths, etc. can help boost your immune system and gut health. You have got to stop eating processed foods, drinking soda and compromising your immune system if you want to beat allergies! There’s just no beating around the bush when it comes to health.

Here are some natural remedies that can really help strengthen your immune system and beat allergies. 

Local Honey has long been hailed as an allergy remedy. Raw, wildflower honey is best known for this task. The bees go around collecting pollen from the very plants that trigger your allergies. Then they make the honey, you eat the honey and it’s like your very own allergy shot! Don’t give honey to babies under age one. Local bee pollen can also be used in small amounts.

Acupuncture works well by eliminating the allergen and strengthening the body so the allergen is no longer a bother. Here is a good article by my friend, Dr. Randy Martin with more about how acupuncture works for allergies. 

Homeopathy  is  also effective in eliminating allergies. According to Dr. Martin, the following remedies are indicated when allergies are present:

1. Pulsatilla: when fats are the major problem, in a person who craves fats, and is emotionally rather soft, needy, or desiring a lot of support;

2. Nux vomica: for toxicity in the liver with a craving for spicy foods and stimulants; constipation; rather angry and irritable emotionally and tends to be a workaholic type;

3. Lycopodium: for a lot of flatulence, right sided pains, sciatica, shoulder pain, irritability, craving for sweets and an explosive temper, but only around those he or she is close to; can be emotionally very sweet at work and social situations;

4. Carbo veg: for flatulence and general indigestion with bloating and a slow metabolism;

You can also use homeopathic remedies which are made from the foods you are allergic to, in much the same way as allergy shots work.

Allergies to airborne and pollens are also treated very effectively with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and homeopathy. Specific homeopathic remedies for airborne allergies may include the following:

1. Pollintinum: composed of a variety of the most common pollens;

2. Histaminum: to suppress the histamine reaction of watery and itchy eyes, asthma or runny nose;

3. Euphrasia: for red, burning or itching eyes;

4. Allium cepa: for a runny and burning nose with much coryza;

5. Sabadilla: for uncontrollable sneezing;

6. Baptisia: for a skin rash and hives with itching;

7. Cat or Dog Hair: to desensitize you to an allergy to cats and dogs.

Herbs are also wonderful for allergies. I have two formulas that I use for clients that suffer from seasonal discomfort. I use classic herbs that have been used to combat allergies with great results. 

Allergy Relief Tea 


Nettle, Red Clover, Eyebright, Rose Hips, Peppermint, and Yarrow Leaf and Flower are very effective in knocking out allergy symptoms and kicking them out for good!

Allergy Relief Tincture


Contains all organic or sustainably harvested elderflowers, nettle leaf, ginkgo biloba leaf, astragalus root, licorice root, and anise seed which are all indicated for allergy relief. 

Allergy Oxymel – An oxymel is an herbal vinegar and honey preparation that has been used since the time of the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates even mentioned oxymels in his writings. Adding some of the anti-allergy herbs to it can really help. There are great oxymel tutorials over at Urban Midwifery  and The Nerdy Farmwife if you would like to make one! 

Essential Oils



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The top three essential oils for allergy relief are Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon. (I buy my essential oils here.) Use them separately or together in a diffuser for aromatherapy or applied topically to the bottoms of the feet.

A neti pot with a drop of Tea Tree (Melaleuca Oil) added will help kill bacteria in the sinuses and fight infection.

Don’t sit there and suffer! Take care of yourself and try some of these remedies! Find what works for you!

Good luck!


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