Giveaway! Le Creuset 5-Piece Cookware Set – $400 Value


I’m so excited to be  joining forces again this month with some incredible real foodie bloggers and offering another HUGE giveaway! After polling you all on Facebook and asking what you would me to offer for my next giveaway, the item that won it out was: the 5 Piece Le Creuset Cookware! 

This set includes:

  • 3 1/2 qt. Signature Round Dutch Oven with Lid
  • 1 1/4 qt. Iron Handle Precision Pour Saucepan with Lid
  • 9″ Signature Iron Handle Skillet.

Le Creuset is an enameled cast iron that will last FOREVER. These are the safest pots you can use. They don’t leach chemicals into your food like Teflon coated cookware will. Cast iron is really good at evenly distributing heat and staying warm for a long time. I love my cast iron pot even for making eggs! Properly seasoned, they are non-stick! 

Have you seen the cool-colored pots used on all your favorite cooking shows? Those are Le Creuset! The Enamel protects the cast iron from acids like tomatoes and vinegar making it a top choice for top chefs. Enameled cast iron is great for roasting, stewing, baking, frying, sauteing, etc. They’re a perfect complement to a real food kitchen!

I received a set like this for Christmas 6 years ago and don’t know how I cooked without it! It’s fabulous! Have you been dying for this set too?  Well, now is your opportunity to WIN ONE FOR FREE! This set is valued at $400 on Amazon.  Go check it out RIGHT NOW and if you can’t wait to see if you win this giveaway, then buy it now because it’s 25% off! You’ll never want to use another pot again after using these beauties!

Fall is the perfect time of year to win this! Think of all the wonderful fall-inspired meals you can make!

Enter to win this 5 Piece Le Creuset Cookware Set ($400 value)!


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A winner will be chosen via We will announce the lucky winner on Tuesday, October 14, 2013. The winner will have 48 hours to contact (sjoutlaw at gmail dot com) with his/her full name, address, and phone number. There is no purchase necessary to win.


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Good Luck!!!


Note: This prize is being purchased by myself and my fellow participating bloggers with our own money. 

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  1. Jennifer Hibdon says

    A Le Creuset Cookware set!!! I would make a feast!!! A Mushroom Pot Roast with Noodles, Savory Green Beans with onion and bacon and Squash with Sausage. I love cooking with Le Creuset. I bought a few pieces in Germany when I was stationed there in the mid-80’s.

  2. Beth Nolan says

    Oh, I hope I win, I hope I win so I can make a delicious hearty stew for our family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Mari Morten says

    Hi Sarah:) I would most likely make a curry stew. I have autoimmune disorder and a dear friend of mine just sent me a care package of some beautiful Indian spices she uses and I can’t wait to try some of her Indian recipes using the curry, turmeric, etc. I have always wanted a set of Le Creuset in the blue. With a family of 6 I go through pots and pans like crazy…lol. Thanks for the awesome chance at winning these beauties. Keeping my lil piggies crossed;)~MJ

  4. jody estabrook says

    I have a recipe for grain free pineapple upside down cake when you use a cast iron skillet. I cant wait to make it as it turned out okay using a conventional baking dish but would love to make it as according to directions!

  5. Amy S says

    So many options I don’t know where I would start. Maybe a roast with all fixings or a nice hearty beef stew because fall is here. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Alex says

    I would love to make some potato soup and some cornbread and/or a breakfast skillet (I don’t have a cast iron pan, I’m breakfast skillet deprived) 🙂

  7. Virginia says

    I would give this set to my 19 year old son. He loves cast iron and would love this when we help him pack (hee hee) to move away from home. Not that he is ready to leave the nest, but we could give him cool stuff when he is.

  8. Linda Bradshaw says

    Oh wow, this is awesome! I would love the blue set. I would make beef stew first. Linda Bradshaw, teachinmomma123abc at yahoo dot com.

  9. Jessica says

    I would probably make my first paleo chili recipe. Just started this real food, paleo life style and I LOVE it! I’ve lost 13 pounds and feel great!

  10. says

    It’s going to sound like a bizarre combination, but I would make butter sautéed brussel sprouts with caramelized red onion AND baked bacon gouda mac & cheese. These are things I’ve been craving for ages and haven’t had the drive to actually create…this set would definitely give me the push! Regardless of whether I win or not, thank you all for offering such an amazing prize for someone to enjoy for many, many years to come.

  11. Pat K says

    I know that I would want to use them all at once! So…roasted chicken in the oven, sauteed onions and pepper in the 9′ skillet, and lemon and garlic butter in the saucepan! Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful set!

  12. Anna says

    First thing I would make? Hands down a skillet pot pie with all of the veggies I saved from the garden and chicken from the batch we just butchered last week. Yum!

  13. serena says

    i am so in need of a good quality non stick skillet! i would make a frittata with veg from the garden and eggs from our chickens!

  14. says

    The first thing I would make would have to be an Apple Upside-Down Tart! Or just about anything else that requires a pan to go in the oven 🙂 None of the ones I have now can do that, so it would be great! I’ve also seen some crusty bread recipes made in the dutch oven that would be delicious!

  15. Regina says

    I would make a delicious stew!!! Then, research other meals to create. Just went wheat-free and am feeling awesome!!! Thank you for this opportunity =)

  16. Linda Jones says

    What to cook? Hmmm, so many ideas. The first with this set would be Italian-Teriyaki chicken, broccoli(sp), mashed sweet potatoes.

  17. Jessica M. says

    What a great giveaway! I have no idea what I’d make first if I win. Stew? Stir fry? The possibilities are endless.

  18. Elaine says

    Hmmm. Decisions. Decisions. Maybe its just because I’m hungry, but I keep coming back to sliced apples in butter & cinnamon in a nicely lidded pot.

  19. Ana Maria says

    I’m a foodie! luv to eat great food & it start w/the pots & pan’s! so when my hubby was first learning to cook he didn’t understand why the Le Creuset was off limits! but he did & not only did he burn them (not just one time) they had to call the fire dept.! I still them & have yet to replace, hubby has leared to cook over the yr’s but my next set will be kept under lock & key! 😉

  20. Cristina Smith says

    I would love to have such nice cookware! I am tired of eating nasty Teflon that is coming off my old hand me down cookware from years ago! If I win I want to make some homemade chicken and noodles.

  21. Carol I. says

    Thanksgiving dinner!! I have never had enough cookware for that day! Haven’t made my mamas goulash in a while … that would be a great thing to make first!

  22. kathleen viviano says

    These are super-great, heavy pots and pans that are perfect for making soup — I’d make a corn chowder!

  23. says

    I’m not one that usually gets excited over kettles, but ths set honestly makes me WANT to cook! The fall weather is here in Wisconsin and honestly, the first thing I would make with these kettles would be homemade chicken and dumplings! Yum! What an awesome giveaway!

  24. Amy Perkins says

    Chili. I’ve never made chili before and I’ve been wanting to! Or a nice hearty stew! Thank you for the chance!

  25. Mia says

    I saw a recipe on The Paleo Mama’s site for Salmon cakes with Lemon Dill Sauce. They looked delish so I would try that!

  26. Marie says

    If I won the set, I would have an organic soup going in one pot, perhaps lentil cooking in another. A pan full of healthy green veggies sauteing in garlic!

  27. says

    I would definitely make a grass-fed pot roast with SCD safe veggies. Recently diagnosed with SIBO, my paleo efforts are even that much more restricted. Flame or Cherry Le Creuset would make my weekend cooking for the whole week an easier effort.

  28. Lindsay says

    I’d make a batch of butternut squash soup, sear some of the grass-fed meat in the freezer, and cook up a red wine and garlic sauce in the wee sauce pan.

  29. says

    In that beautiful cherry red dutch oven, my first dish will be a turkey breast roast, and celery walnut dressing. The covered sautee will first meet my morning coconut eggs, and that gorgeous skillet will first tackle the job of a perfectly seared beef steak with mushrooms, onions and artichoke hearts. Ohhh, I hope I win!!!

  30. Joan Benoit says

    I have so many wonderful recipes that would work beautifully in this set! A fabulous French stew with a Marsala wine and many tasty dishes I have collected since I started cooking at age twelve.Look forward to adding many more to my collection.


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