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A bunch of my blogger friends and I all chipped in on a great giveaway for all our readers! We wanted to give our fans an amazing giveaway, but the problem was that we couldn’t afford to do it on our own! SO we all teamed up on a giveaway that we think you will love!!!

I am super excited to announce that along with 11 other bloggers we are giving away a Vitamix Blender!!!

How can I win!

So glad you asked!

 I promise we won’t make you jump through hoops to win this, it’s pretty simple!

Step 1:  Click on the link to find out what you can win: Vitamix 5200S

Step 2: Leave a comment and let us know what you would make most if you won a vitamix

Step 3: Share the giveaway on Facebook

Make sure to check out all the amazing bloggers who are making this happen:

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Good luck!

The winner will be notified by email.


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  1. Karen says

    I love making homemade smoothies! That is my go to drink. I always purchase my own fruits, than just cut them up and freeze them. There is no need to buy smoothies anymore. Plus we know exactly what goes in, into our smoothies made from scratch!

  2. Naomi Bond says

    The Vitamix Blender 5200S would be a wonderful and welcomed addition to my kitchen gadgets. We have a blender now that I use frequently to make smoothies and herbs dressings. Our blender doesn’t quite blend the ingredients to a smooth consistency. I would love to upgrade to a Vitamix!

  3. Darla L says

    I believe the ultimate smoothie, then my head would be spinning trying to figure out what next.. It will have a permanent spot on my counter for sure !

  4. says

    I’m not sure what I’d make the most if I won the Vitamix, but I do know I’d use it as an almost daily piece of kitchen equipment. I’m just now starting my real/whole food journey and I know it’d be blessing.

  5. says

    What WOULDN’T I make with a Vitamix!! We would make our hulksmash green smoothies, hummus, popsicles, grind our coffee and maybe after the kids go to bed an adult drink or two. Thank you for this awesome chance!!

  6. LoriAnne Chavez says

    I know my husband & sons would make smoothies. I would love to see how this would work on soups-gazpacho, veggie broth. Yum!

  7. Janice Yeagle says

    Another smoothy lover that’s what I would like it for, especially since my blender just broke on me from too many smoothies!

  8. Debbie Armada says

    I love to cook, but don’t often have enough time to try new recipes. I am always trying to find new ways to get my picky son and husband to eat healthier foods. The Vitamix blender would be an awesome kitchen tool to use everyday!! My 15 year old blender just broke the other day, so I would love a Vitamix Blender!!

  9. Jaimie Bonds says

    We make fruit smoothies all the time! Plus I just dropped the base of our blender and it doesn’t work right anymore We’re in the market for a vitamix!!

  10. Kathy Blankenship says

    I think I have dreamed of owning a Vitamix since 1995 when I was able to purchase a mill due to a deer jumping in front of my car! They make yummy sugar free fruit ices with frozen fruit plus all kinds of nutritious smoothies. The warm and quick made soups sound wonderful for a cold winter day! I think I might also use it to grind my grains when I only need a small amount!

  11. KJ says

    Most definitely it would make life so much easier to make anything and everything. My go to is always the smoothies! When you have three boys you need OPTIONS-this would help out greatly- 🙂

  12. Beth says

    I would make almond milk, almond butter, Paleo soups, and so, so, so much more that I cannot make with my food processor or blender.

  13. leslie says

    This blender is so much more than a blender. I would use it to its’ full potential! Making chicken salad would be a breeze. No more chop this, this and this. Then mix this, this and this together. You could throw it all in the blender and you are done in seconds! Great giveaway!

  14. says

    Oh gosh – We don’t eat any processed food here and make almost everything from scratch. We grow what we can. Hubby has been a vegetarian for 30+ years 😉
    I would make veggie drinks (carrots, Kale, avocado, cuckes and whatever else) fruit drinks, soups, parrot food (veggie mixes!), puppy food (soup for newly weaned Irish Wolfhound pups!) soups for people in the family – you name it, we can do it. I have a high powered blender that is in overdrive all the time…

  15. Heather Hansen says

    I shared your site and am on my way to sharing everyone else’s. I just never win internet contests and I have wanted a Vitamix for years. I keep saving and then something happens like a medical bill or car repair. This would be so wonderful. My Bosch blender just doesn’t quite cut it when making smoothies.

  16. Kathrine Stensrud says

    I have a blender, but it make such noise you would think it would take off any seconds. My husband forbids me to use it on most times of the day, complaining that it can wake up the dead. So I have to plan my evening and morning smoothie, and make it ready for later. I would make all these lovely smoothies when I wanted one, no more planning. No more complaining 🙂 A Vitamix would save the day

  17. Josh says

    In the last 3 years we have killed two blenders because they just can’t keep up with our smoothie-making needs. The Vitamix would receive a warm welcome into our family and immediately feel as if it had always been ours. 😉

  18. kathy minnick says

    I would most definitely be making my veggie and fruit smoothies but better than I do now… plus adding soups as another new option.

  19. Susan E says

    I would definitely use it for green smoothies and soups, especially “Anna’s Perfect Green Soup,” a yummy Reader’s Digest recipe my hubby and I love.

  20. Donna Chiarelli says

    I do have a blender,but it does not mix up the fruits very well,I want to start doing green veggies ,like kale and spinach to mix with fruit but i know that my blender will not do the job,so i do not bother.

  21. Michelle Burnett says

    I’m really trying to eat more smoothies and juices as meals. I can make protein shakes in my current blender but I need a really good blender to put whole fruit into!

  22. Myn says

    I’d make a lot! With my many health problems, eating has become a chore for me. Having a way to easily make my own ingredients (like almond and quinoa flour) would make my life so much easier! My restrictive diet is very expensive, but necessary for my health. So having a Vitamix would be a life-saver (and a much needed money saver)!

  23. Sarina Coffin says

    This would be such a blessing for myself as well as my family of 8 (6 kids)to win this blender. I recently started Trim Healthy Mamas meal plan to make a lifestyle change. I would love to make the hundreds of different shakes on the menu to enjoy everyday. Along with making my own preservative free condiments, peanut/nut butters, soups, flours, nuts/seed meals, entertaining guests…my list goes on. I have wanted this blender for months now but can’t quite afford it at this moment. I don’t own a food processor or any handy kitchen gadgets. I know the Vitamix is all I would need to own. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win one!

  24. Tracy says

    I just went raw a month ago. I pretty much would make everything that I’ve been reading recipes. The blender will give me the variety I need and to mix things up quite a bit which i look forward too. One month in and I’m a new person. Thanks!

  25. Whitny says

    Smoothies! My husband loves them and so do I, we haven’t had a blender in a few years since we’ve been holding out for a Vitamix!!!

  26. Genevieve Le says

    What wouldn’t I make! I have love making soup, coconut butter (almost burned out my motor in in bullet), almond milk, smoothies, you name it, for my family (two girls and a hubby). Having a Vitamix would make this so much easier, and cooler. Pick me!!

  27. Grynae says

    This would be the only kitchen appliance i would use for possibly an entire year. I have so many baby food recipes and coffee drinks and from scratch things I want to make. This would be ah may za zing!!

  28. Diana Anderson says

    I would love to make daily smoothies for the whole family. But what most excites me is making soups for my husband and daughters lunches. The soup feature sounds AMAZING!!! This would be such a help in making real food easy.

    • Abby says

      Found your blog while researching vitamix because my 10 yo cuisinart is about to give out. I make a smoothie for myself every day and most days one for my kids too. I would love to make Greek yogurt ice cream, haven’t found a machine that can handle it yet. Also soups for this fall! My food processor isn’t cutting it for soups.

  29. Tammy says

    I would have to say that green shakes and baby food would be the most frequent uses, but I can think of so many other things that it would be used for.

  30. Kim Shoemaker says

    If I won, I’d be making cancer fighting drinks for my mother who is a stage 4 triple negative returning breast cancer fighter.
    The disease has hit her platelets, hit her red blood cells, dangerously lowered her potassium, causing neuropathy and other issues. She was a 14 year BC survivor. It’s returned in her bone and liver.
    This would be a joy!


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