DIY Mint Extract {with Vanilla Option}

DIY Mint Extract

 I love growing mint! It is very easy and requires very little maintenance. I have quite a few varieties this year including orange mint, tequila mint, and chocolate mint!

Mint extract is super easy to make. All you need is a handful of fresh mint and vodka!

If you would like vanilla-mint, you’ll need some vanilla extract or a vanilla bean. The extract is the better option for this because the vanilla bean will not have very long to steep. 




DIY Mint Extract {with Vanilla Option}


Handful of fresh mint – enough to fill a pint jar 1/3 to 1/2 of the way full

Vodka – I use potato vodka

Vanilla extract (can buy here) or a vanilla bean (can buy here) sliced lengthwise and caviar scraped out (optional)


Clean a pint jar with hot soapy water. Rinse well and dry completely.

Pick all the mint leaves off of the stem and brush off any dust you can see. You can rinse them first but you have to make sure they are *completely* dry. They would need 12-24 hours to air dry, or you can lay them in the sun for about an hour.

Tear, crush, cut and otherwise mutilate the leaves so they are good and bruised. 

Place them in the pint jar, add the vanilla extract, or bean with caviar if desired and fill to just under the lip with vodka.

Lid the jar and let sit for about one month in a cool, dark place…A cabinet is fine.  Shake occasionally.

After a month, taste to see if it is strong enough for you. If it is, strain out leaves and pour into a bottle. Store as you would your other extracts in your cupboard.

There you have it! An inexpensive, delicious mint extract that you can use for your favorite real food cookie, ice cream, and all your flavoring needs!



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