Apple Pie Crock Pot Oatmeal

Apple Pie Crock Pot Oatmeal

Last week I posted a pumpkin pie overnight crock pot oatmeal recipe that was very well received by moms and children alike! My kids wanted to know what other flavors we could try, so we chose apple pie crock  pot oatmeal!

Oats are good for the nervous system. They help relax the adrenals and have a calming effect on the body. A few years ago when I was trying to rebalance my hormones, I ate oats every day to help my body recover from that hormone imbalance an adrenal fatigue. It helped!

I love my little oatmeal crock pot! It’s never been used for anything else. I have two larger crock pots that I use for meals, bone broth and apple sauce but this little one is perfect for oatmeal. A friend of mine tested my pumpkin oatmeal in a big crock pot. She doubled the recipe and reported back that it worked great!

For those new to soaking, you don’t need to drain the oats afterwards. Just add whatever isn’t absorbed in with the remaining ingredients. 


Apple Pie Crock Pot Oatmeal



    To soak oats
  1. The morning prior, combine oats, warm water and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Cover and place an a warm spot.
  3. To make oatmeal
  4. That night, grease the bottom of the crock pot with butter or coconut oil.
  5. Slice one apple and layer it at the bottom of crock pot.
  6. Add the remaining ingredients along with the remaining apple, cubed.
  7. Turn on low and cook overnight.
  8. Serve hot with cream, raw milk or coconut milk and extra butter and maple syrup if desired.

apple pie oatmeal

 This oatmeal is wonderful on a cool morning out on the porch. Even as it was cooking my children said it smelled of fall in our home. It gives you that warm, happy feeling that the change of season brings!


 If you preserve apples, you can easily use them in this recipe. It’s a great way to extend the harvest and enjoy this warming food deep into the winter months.





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  1. Beth says

    Hi, I’m wondering if I could use rolled oats instead of steel cut? Also, does this recipe work when doubled, as I only have a 4 quart crock pot.

  2. Erin says

    I’m going to make this this week as we prepare for a good old South Carolina snow! Is the Tbsp butter/coconut oil in the recipe just used to grease the bottom of the crock pot or is it added separately as an ingredient?

  3. Sara says

    Do you use all the water to soak the oats? I have never soaked my steel cuts. And I am using a large crock pot , would I have to double it for it to work?

    • says

      Hi Sara. Yes, you use all the water or you can use just 2 cups of it and add the last cup along with the coconut milk right before cooking. If you have a large crock pot you may want to double. That is what a few other readers told me worked for them.

      • says

        I did this last night in my large crock pot with the normal recipe. It came out great. I added less syrup ( i just added some this morning when i ate it ) and used some organic gala apples. It reminded me and tasted like bread pudding ! LOVE IT! It did stick and burn on the sides on the crock but really didn’t alter the taste at all. I wondered if this was maybe the syrup burning a bit? Or the use of the larger crock? I did butter the bottom and i thought the sides and it didn’t stick on bottom. Wondering if i didn’t do the sides enough. YUM!


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